Meet the Founder

Meet Ashby Cook, the guy behind Ashby’s Sauces. If you’re talking food and flavors, Ashby’s your man. Back in the day, he ran a cool spot called ‘Bloody Mary’s Oyster Bar’ in Downtown Greensboro. While he’s a big fan of local joints, he’s also that friend who’s always got a new dish or sauce to rave about from his travels. Yep, he’s quite the food enthusiast!

Now, here’s a fun tidbit: Ashby’s love for sauces took him all the way to Louisiana in 2021. He hung out with some cayenne pepper farmers, got the lowdown on their spicy secrets, but then thought, “Why not start this adventure in my own backyard?” And he did just that! He picked up some cayenne pepper plants from Piedmont Farmers Market, planted them, and after trying out, oh, about 57 different mixes, he struck gold with the perfect blend.

He chatted with his buddy Cliff Thomas (you know, from the Thomas Sauces fame), and got some solid advice. Before we knew it, Ashby was sending out samples of his sauce to family, pals, and even some local restaurant bigwigs. The feedback? A whopping 95% of folks loved it! So, he geared up for bigger things, teamed up with C2 Bottling in Charlotte, and now we’ve got Ashby’s Sauces in the works. His Red Hot Sauce is on the sampler round, and word on the street is there’s a Spicy Orange BBQ Sauce coming our way.

If you’re local to Jamestown or Greensboro, you might’ve tasted Ashby’s Cajun Green Sauce at spots like Full Moon Oyster Bar or 1618 Seafood Grille. Heck, it even made a cameo at the Wyndham Championship Golf Tournament thanks to Chef Ron at Sedgefield Country Club.

So, keep an ear out! Ashby’s got some tasty tricks up his sleeve, and there’s more to come. Cheers to that!